Because we care about animals


We care about animals and are deeply committed to their health and welfare.

Today, tomorrow and in years to come.


Real answers to urgent questions

We believe in finding real, sustainable answers to urgent questions in the field of animal health and animal welfare. That's why we support the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Utrecht University, the only veterinary academic institution in the Netherlands.

Their researchers and veterinarians are leading experts in their field, have access to the best facilities and work incredibly hard to improve the lives of countless of animals. Their research and development of innovative veterinary treatments lead to long-term solutions that'll ensure our animals lead better, healthier lives. At the same time, their findings contribute towards groundbreaking solutions in human medicine, too. 


Stronger together


However, these research efforts do not always qualify for funding from the government or national scientific organizations. 

That is why we, together with animal lovers, veterinarians, organizations, companies and foundations, are committed to creating a better future for, and with, our animals.